Little Red Car

I got my new car yesterday!! When I switched jobs I had to give back my silver Taurus and order a new company car. In the mean time I was driving another Taurus. Since I got to pick the new car I wanted, I ordered a little red Ford Focus. I went and picked it up yesterday and drove it around a bit. I REALLY like it. I found the Taurus much too big for me and parking it in the underground parking was really difficult. The Focus is really nice to drive. I feel like I have more control over it since it is smaller and it is so much easier to park. Also, every car I have driven has been grey or silver. I picked red because I needed something much more colourful. I have never been so excited about a car before. I was pretty excited about the Vibe but I didn't know how to drive it for the first couple of months since it was standard. By the time I learned the novelty had sort of worn off.