Why blog?

This story at The Register had me wondering why I blog? I'm not a teenage girl, although I might write like one, so why do I? and why do all my friends seem to blog and read blogs?

The answer [IMHO] is to share opinions and thoughts on various subjects, not so much to let people know what we are doing because for the most part the rest of the world doesn't care that I went out for a beer last night with friends (which is what I did btw) People want to read about what you think of X or you how you did Y because they can relate to that. The two top entries in my blog are the ones regarding playing AAC/M4A/MP4 files in windows, and fixing my antenna on my ibook (which makes me wonder if there is a design flaw in the placement of the antenna since so many people have issues)

I still post things about what I did though, because thats what my friends and family want to hear although its kinda creepy when you go see your friends and we have no need to `catch-up' we just continue as if we know everything or ask follow-up questions -- Creepy very creepy.

Now statistically for all the blogs that we host on sdf1.net we have noticed a huge increase in traffic. The argument that the register has about people not reading blogs I think does not hold water. I do agree that currently the traffic generated to blogs is not nearly on the same scale as news.com, slashdot.org, or theregister.co.uk nor do I think they ever will be but people do read them, people do find them informative and useful!

Let your opinions and thoughts be heard! Write in your blog! If you want to learn about something, search blogs, you might just find the answer you're looking for.