Best of Usenet - Chefs gone mad

Everyone knows how much I like to cook, If I don't have TechTV turned on its FoodTV... I found this post on regarding chef antics, I thought it was just too funny so I thought I'd share.

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> > are you guys for real? Stuff like this really happens?

> I think my favorite (although tame in comparison to some of this stuff)

> was the chef I worked for, who, upon being told by a bread delivery man

> that the rolls were indeed fresh and not stale, responded by saying,

> "Then you won't mind if I do THIS!" She caught him about eight times on

> the bridge of the nose with eight consecutively thrown rolls. Fastballs

> too. I think she may have broken his nose on the last throw.

I remember watching a prep cook having a breakdown and in the midst of

it taking a 20-gallon pot of eggs that were hard-cooking, emptying it on

the floor, and stomping them like a French vintner screaming in a high

panic all the while "HATCH NOW, YOU LITTLE DINOSAURS!!!"

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