Here comes the rain again...

Play by play weather reports only on #toronto [efnet]

<BlznTriWk> woo its dark outside

<scotteh> yup. thunder storm coming!

<mkart64> yay

<mkart64> armageddon is upon us

<ettenyl> meh i should go for a run before it gets here

<BlznTriWk> your out west though

<BlznTriWk> maybe it hit you already

<tabooli> its starting to cloud over downtown

<BlznTriWk> lyn should be giving us these advance weather warnings we can prepare

<BlznTriWk> raining at dufferin and steeles

<tabooli> its on its way here then

<mkart64> raining in brampton

<ettenyl> its blue skies here

<mkart64> + thunder

<mkart64> heh

<tabooli> fj34r

<tabooli> yah here comes the wind

<BlznTriWk> lyn because it past you and is hitting us now

<BlznTriWk> here comes the rain again falling on my head like a memory

<tabooli> TEH

<tabooli> RAINS

<lynax> thunder here too

<angelslys> i wanted to go it's pouring

<bortex> awwwwwwwww

<Fucius> ????

<Fucius> it's sunny out

<Fucius> where are you?

<angelslys> not here it isn't

<angelslys> downtown

<Fucius> downtown TO?

<Rampage_> analslys

<angelslys> yes

<Fucius> shit!

<Thrawn> here comes the rain

<Fucius> I was gonna ride my bike

<angelslys> thunder too

<Thrawn> and thunder

<Fucius> god damnit

<bortex> no it's not i live downtown

<Rampage_> its hot out

<bortex> oh wait..i hear thunder

<Rampage_> like 28

  • Fucius looks outside again

    <bortex> THUNDER..nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah.....THUNDER!

    <Fucius> yeh

    <Fucius> it's sunny and hot here

    <Fucius> near the beaches

    <angelslys> it'll move that waqy

    <angelslys> just wait

    <Fucius> noooooooooo

    <angelslys> sorry..chances are :/

    <Fucius> I want it to move the OTHER way