Police request DNA samples

In efforts to piss off all 2600 members, the Police thinks its a good idea to ask everyone for DNA samples to put in there database until they find the murderer of Holly Jones.

"There's only been a handful of people that have refused. This is all voluntary," Muscat told reporters , but where will this lead? do you really want the police to have this much power? Don't get me wrong, I am all for the capture of these monsters but this might be going to far into our rights as citizens. Or have I been reading 2600 magazine too much and this is what should be done?

But its statements like "If people are willing to voluntarily give their DNA, then we will take a sample, If they refuse, then we will document that." that scares me. Am I a suspect for wanting to protect my rights? I guess so.

Some people might say that you have done nothing wrong, so what are you worrying about. Its not this case that I am worried about, I'm worried for the future and what this kind of power could do.

If you want to support something a little more worth while, check out Holly's Law, which is a web petition that calls for tougher sentencing for pedophiles. Hysteria propelling laws forward is another scary thing, they should be able to stand up on there own merits. The Patriot Act is a prime example of Hysteria propelling law, but thats a topic of another rant.