BIO Part 1

[I thought I should write a series of bio blog entries so folks could get an understanding of who I am, also its good to get these kinds of thoughts down. All good stories start at the begining, so I guess I should start there.]

I was born into computers, for as long as I can remember I had a computer. My first being a Vic20. With this computer I learned how to read, wright, math, and most importantly type through simple little programs that were on tape. By grade 6 I was the fastest typist in my class, but not-so-good in the others.

My dad got me a few programming books, which I used to make games and such to occupy my time. My parents realized that I was growing out of the Vic20, it wasn't doing what I wanted it to do. So they got me a C128.

The C128 was an interesting machine, you could boot up in C64 mode to play those kinds of apps/games or C128 mode which gave you access to more memory. I preferred the 128 mode because of GEOS, it was a very nice and easy to use graphical operating system, but had few programs for it. Because of the lack of software for the C128 I ended up in C64 mode more than I liked. Even then I had software incompatibility issues, I guess I'm use to it now. But GEOS gave me my first look at a usable Operating System, and I fell in love. I have been an OS junkie ever since.

I never had a modem for any of these systems, I didn't even know what a modem was. I did however have a monitor instead of a TV, a tape drive, and a floppy drive.

In grade 5, I helped out with the kindergarten classes, teaching them how to use the computer and programing LINGO to move a robot turtle around a maze. Good fun.

I think I led a double life for the longest time, one part geek the other part fairly normal. I had friends - both boys and girls, went to movies, played in my friends tree-house, learned to swim. I bet if you asked anyone back then(other than my parents) if I was in to computers they probably would say no.

[I think thats enough for now, I'll continue this a little later on, stay tuned :)]