Birthday party, baseball, friends, and two bottles of wine later

(attempt 2 at this blog entry)

Friday: After work, Shannon and I headed downtown to meet up with Raven and her sister to celebrate Raven's birthday. We ended up at the Zen Lounge, which was pretty good. The music got a little odd from time to time, but over all fairly decent. My ears just recently stopped ringing.

Saturday: We went down to watch the Blue Jays loose yet another game due to bad pitching. We then met up with my parents whom just got back from the Dominican, to look through the pictures and see how they liked their trip -- They did very much. Afterwards we went out with a couple of our friends for some drinks.

Sunday: It was off to the Toronto Wine & Cheese show to do some sampling. Got to eat some Ostrich, Buffalo, and escargot which was all very well done! We actually didn't try to many different wines, our focus this trip seemed to be Sake. :) When we finally got home to relax, we polished off two bottles of wine between us while watching Stealing Harvard, which I think would only be funny after drinking a bottle of wine ;)

On a side note, I had no internet access this weekend, or else this blog entry might have been split up into 3-4 different entries.