Gordy... we will miss you

"Some people like my advice so much that they frame it upon the wall instead of using it. "
- Gordon R. Dickson (1923 - 2001)
One of my favorite authors... He died last year :(
He wrote ~89 books over his career, including The Dragon Knight series.
He will be missed.
The Gordy Dickson tune from "Bayfilk Crazies"
On the wagon, on the wagon               (This is sung to the tune of an English March, but will also go to 'Clementine')
On the wagon, doing fine
Til I met with Gordy Dickson
And we drank a ton of wine!
Social drinker, social drinker
Social drinker was my game
Then I had some drinks with Gordy
And I've never been the same
Woke up aching woke up quaking,
Woke up shaking, feeling sick
But I couldn't wake ol Gordy
He was sleeping like a brick
Gordy Dickson, Gordy Dickson   (CHORUS)
Gordy Dickson is the one
Science Fiction is his hobby
But his main job's having fun.
How he does it is a mystery
Always chipper, always bright
Always eating, always drinking
When the HELL does Gordy WRITE?!!