Taking control back...

When network admins fight over control for a system, the person who ownes the domain name wins!
I own sdf1.net, why I don't blog there is another story. It use to point to a system that was administrated by a smart stoned guy... he's smart, but he messes up a lot since he is well stonned all the time!
We made a bold move today to point it to my friends box instead who is considerably more stable and knows the difference betweek rm -rf / and rm -rf /home/username.
I do not feel good for flexing my power this way, but sdf1.net controls my parents mail, my mail and all my friends mail for that matter! and that is important to me that it is up and stable 24/7.
Hopefuly now the problem has been solved. I await the backlash as Network Solutions spreads around the new IP addresses.