Making My Blog Pretty..

As you can see my blog keeps changing colours :) I'm having some fun playing around with the HTML. I learned some HTML programming when I was in college but I seem to have forgotten most of it. I can only do really basic stuff at the moment but it has been fun learning. So far I have just used the blogger templates and played around with the style a bit. I like to play with the colours and stuff. I still can't decide what to do with it overall though, I think it is kind of plain. Oh well, I guess it is something that can always change. At least it keeps it interesting.

Tonight I have been working late on a project. I'm actually having a pretty good day though. Last night I took some MCSE practice exams and actually passed so I don't feel the need to ignore these exams any longer. I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I haven't even written them yet. Ray and I have decided that we will choose a day that I will write the first one on Wednesday, that will give me a few days to decide how long it will take for me to be completely prepared. It will be nice when this is all over.

Well I guess I should get back to working and studying!