Introducing My Wife To RPGs

Introducing My Wife To RPGs

My wife is a gamer, through and through! She plays board games of all types but but just over 3 years ago role-playing games was new and foreign to her. I asked her if she was willing to give it a try when we attended Gen Con back in 2013, our first time at the con. To my delight she agreed!

I decided to sign us up for a one-shot playing a character from one of our childhood favorite TV cartoon shows Scooby-Doo! The game used the rules from the World of Darkness system, which I was somewhat familiar with, having read the rules to this system before and knew that my wife would pick up the system pretty quickly. An advantage for any new player is that it was set in the Scooby-Doo world and we’d be playing characters from the show.

In World of Darkness to do anything you roll dice, just like most RPG games. To determine if you successful in any given task you would roll a number of 10 sided dice (D10) according to your stat and count successes if you rolled 8 or higher. For example, if you were doing an investigation roll and you had a 4 in investigation you would roll 4D10 and count up how many were 8 or higher. The more successes you got the better you did at the task. Being a one-shot, I also assumed that some of the more finer details of the system would be reduced or removed and I made sure that the game on the Gen Con event site said it was new player friendly.

The game was run well, and we had a great group of people playing that really got into their characters – our Scooby could do the voice and really embodied the character. We had a lot of fun playing the game and it opened up my wife’s eyes to what could be done with RPGs in general and how fun they are. Since then she has tried Pathfinder, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, The Strange, Savage Worlds and of course No Thank You, Evil. By playing all of these she has formed her own opinions of what she likes in a role-playing game and how she wants to play. Her next step that she has said she wants to take is running a game!

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