Gen Con Advice From A First Timer

This year was our first Gen Con, we got housing but only at a hotel by the airport. There is zero traffic so driving in was easy and parking if you got there around 9am was reasonable and available. I heard lots of complaints about the shuttle bus so if you are out by the airport if plan on driving in. Cost per night is way cheaper by the airport too, and there is always a game or five being played in the dining area.

Ticketed events is the real meat of Gen Con, that said everything in moderation! Try not to plan more than 2-3 events a day, and try and have a day that is event free if possible. On event registration day pick lots of things for your wish list then prune it down once you get spots -- you will not get all of your choices! That said not everyone shows up for a game so if you didn't get in an event you wanted you might still be able to play on the day. The dealer hall has so many game demos that you will not see them all even if you spent all 4 days doing that alone, make time for it, because you'll discover something new and fun.

Gen Con is a lot of fun, just plan down time and enjoy yourself, plan on eating and plan snacks - no one wants to play with a grumpy gamer :)

Everyone has their favourite con, if you want to go to Gen Con, then go and make up your own mind.