Rant On Raising a Gifted Child

Note: This rant was originally posted to a mailing list about beer after a long thread of ill-informed and ignorant messages were exchanged on gifted children.

I'm a dad, and I have a gifted child. Its not a competition, nor is it necessarily a good thing.

My son routinely puts his shoes and shirts on backwards, its near impossible to get him excited to do things unless he wants to do them. He can out-read 99% of the kids in his gifted class, and math is so unnaturally easy for him its spooky.

Its hard for kids, even in the gifted program to understand him, he relates to adults or at least older kids much better. But in the regular program kids really don't get him and thats when you get into bullying - I'm happy this program exists. That said, his grades are average, because school bores him.

Gifted is just a label that says your kid learns differently and has different needs than the average kid. Some skills you deem as dumb such as putting on clothes properly are just not at top of mind when your brain is going a thousand miles an hour thinking on so many other topics and levels.

Raising a gifted child is not easy, nor a guarantee to a successful life. Like everything its work, and if you love them you'll do the work to help them. When I tell people my son is gifted they go "Oh great, you must be so proud!" but really I wish they wouldn't because they dont know whats involved, but I nod and smile anyways because its just easier.

tldr; its not a competition, dads say it, and its not always a good thing. love your kids.