Podcasting on the iPhone/iPod Touch

It looks like we are all going to get Podcasts over the air via the iPhone/iPod Touch in the very near future and thats both good news and bad news. A while ago a 3rd party developer released an app to the app store that was denied that did a very similar thing.

The device is a platform much like Windows, OS X, XBox, PS3, Wii, Andriod. When you write applications for the platform you should not be restricted from adding your app to the device because it conflicts with applications the platform supplier also makes.

Lets say I'm a game developer, and I develop a game that is the next Halo killer and want to publish it on the XBox 360, MS says go ahead, we welcome your game with open arms. Same thing with all the other platforms, so why is the iPhone/Touch different? Why can't I try to compete with Apple in software if its a decently written app that does nothing illegal?

Since I can't even be allowed to compete with Apple, or even be seen as something that is competitive or will be competitive to one of Apple's offerings then why would I even bother when I can probably do just as well on Android or some other mobile platform?