Today I posted a message in the Google Group for Mahalo Development that talked about a new set of tools for 3rd party developers.

Along with Mahalo Social we deployed a new Special page to handle feeds for that data. We are providing them in Atom, RSS2 and JSON formats (we just added JSON a couple of days ago)

I wrote up a quick example for reading in your links that you have submitted to Mahalo via Python using the JSON output format

import simplejson, urllib2
f = urllib2.urlopen('http://www.mahalo.com/Special:Feeds?group=people
data = f.read()
links = simplejson.loads(data)
if len(links) > 0:
    for link in links:
        print 'Title: %s' % link['link_title']
        print 'Description: %s' % link['link_description']
        print 'URL: %s' % link['link_url']
        print 'Submitted On: %srn' % link['link_pub_date']

If you read the post, you'll find out how to get a list of a users friends, fans, who the user is a fan of and links posted by the users friends!