Dave Wants The Podcast Directory To Live Again

Dave Winer wants the Podcast Directory to live again, and I could not agree more. On his blog he posted this:

If there's sufficient interest, I'll happily host the root of a community podcast directory. I might even have a good domain for the purpose. Get it? It's chow for your pod.

The separation of such a public commodity as podcasting into corporate hands such as Apple and PodShow with no giving back to the community is shameful. While iPodderX/Transistr reads from the OPML directory, it always gave back to it. I've spent lots of time working with Libsyn and others to push back out OPML as well to give back to the community.

I like to think of the public directory as the fuel for the podcasting fire, at least in developers terms... the fuel has started to die out, and I don't want to see that happen. If your interested in hosting a node, or if you have been maintaining your node from the old directory I urge you to contact Dave and see if we can get things going again.

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