Even After Elected

Even after Garth Turner was elected as MP of Halton he said this:

My job is to represent you to Ottawa, and not the other way around – which is why the Town Halls, the online voting, the questionnaires and the door-knocking are so important. That’s how, along with you letters, emails ([email protected]) and phone calls, I can understand what it is you want said to Ottawa.

And later said this regarding the new Harper cabinet:

[...] help me fight for changes to the system that will put an end to both political treason and unelected politicians. We need legislation to force a by-election when an MP switches parties, forcing him or her to go back to the people for support. And, we need an elected Senate – something Conservatives promised during the campaign, and which is a century overdue.


I will try, at first, to get my government to champion these causes. If it does not, I will champion them myself. How will that happen? Well, just watch me.

This is why I vote for the person not the party. People cross floors in our current system, they don't always vote along party lines. And some don't vote the way the constituents want them to vote. It appears -- and time will verify this -- that Turner is indeed going to listen.