Play It Again Sam!

Ross has a good commentary on Sam Bulte who is the running MP candidate in his area:

She also let slip that for her, the extremists are only in it “because they want to download”. Downloading? Excuse me? This has nothing to do with downloading. This is about you being a paid instrument of big business, Hollywood and a threat to my fair use rights.


Anyways, there’s some hope here. In 1993, the Liberals won the riding by a commanding 16,000+ votes. This fell to 11,000 in 1997, rose to 12,000 in 2000. In 2004, the gap was 3500 votes.

I bet there’s another thing that Sam doesn’t know about her riding – that there’s at least 3500 pro-user zealot extremists that won’t be voting for her in this election.

The full post is a worthy read.

BTW: The polling stations are now open, please vote!

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