Harper Did Better...

During last nights leaders debate I thought Harper did better than the last major debate for last years election. Did he win? I'm not so sure. One thing is for sure, his advisors told him to smile more and it was obviously forced... I have not heard any of the pundents on the radio talking about that fact, maybe it was just my imagination?

One thing is clear though, that our prime-minister looks tired and battle warn, and I don't think he is going to make it when the final bell rings and the votes are all tallied.

The biggest issue with last nights debate was the lack of Harris of the Green Party... I have no idea why we have to hear a separatist at a Canadian leaders debate, and someone who can not be Primeminister, but we do. Harris really needs to be heard, the Green Party has some great ideas that need to be heard.

Lastly, Jack Layton did waaaaay better than the last time around. If you can't vote conservative, and you find it too early to vote Green... try give these guys a chance.

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