TechTV Meetup

On Thursday Night Shannon and I headed down to the TechTV Meetup hosted by Guests included Leo, Kevin, Dan 'Foo', Alex, Amber, Mikey, and Andy!

Global Hermit took this great candid shot of Kevin and I meeting -- Funny story, with over 200 people at the restaurant, I introduced myself and Kevin was like hey Ray nice to meet you(he was very polite and you can tell a little overwhelmed with all the people wanting to meet him) ... Amber then whispered in his ear saying that I was Ray Slakinski, the guy that does iPodderX, and it garnered this response :)


Techphile has more coverage (including pictures and audio) here.

Supposedly Alan Cross was there from CFNY (Edge 102.1) and I'm deeply saddened that I didn't know until the event was over :( He has started to put out some podcasts made up from the content that the station produces -- I would have loved to talked to him about that.