Scoble Says " need to wait for Vista."

MacDailyNews writes:

"Microsoft's Windows 'Vista' promises similar features to Apple's already-shipping Mac OS X."

Scoble replies:

I didn't realize that there's a Mac shipping that has integration with MSN Direct Watches. Ours is already shipping, no need to wait for Vista.

Scoble says over and over again in his post "no need to wait for Vista." Dude! I think you might have taken the wrong approach in your Windows vs Mac arguments, if you hope to promote Vista an time soon. Also I think you missed the point... I think people want to know what Vista will give over and above what Apple already delivers, and that means core OS features, not devices it runs on.

For example, Vista's RSS support is very cool... Apple can't even get RSS support right in simple apps like Safari and iTunes.

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