Dave At Gnomedex

Internet Guru and creator of RSS and OPML, Dave Winer, spoke yesterday at Gnomedex, I could not go but due to a live audio stream from show organizer Chris Pirillo it felt like I had a front row pass to the conference!

Dave talked up his new OPML Editor -- which needs a cooler name -- and its features:

He can edit an OPML file, and it edits his website in realtime, and it is ridiculously quick. He then showed how he edits his Smart Blogs area, again just using an OPML file and clicking save. It really has the look and feel of just typing in a text editor and clicking the save button - it’s that quick. Even changing the header graphic is as simple as browsing to a file and clicking on it. Refresh the browser and it is there. Truly amazing.
 Even better, Dave added an MP3 Podcast to the blog simply by browsing to and selecting an MP3 file. The blog publishing software then creates the RSS feed with all appropriate enclosures. This really looks like it will allow anyone to do these things that previously only us techies have been able, or willing to do.

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I can't wait to get my hands on this, it sounds really cool and brings a whole new way of thinking at publishing online content.

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