Apple and Intel

Everyone, and I do mean everyone is posting about Apple making a switch to intel processors. I hear this rumor a lot (like every 6-12 months) but if its actually true, I don't think its a switch!

Intel makes CPUs for a lot of systems, including the Pentium processor line and thats the one people are thinking Apple is going for. I don't think so! First off why would Apple go through a major processor change so soon after they introduced the G5. Also the G5 is 3+ Ghz and is multi-core (see xbox 360 specs) It just doesn't make a lot of sense.

So what would Apple be interested in over at Intel? simple; the XScale chips for use in a smart phone, PDA, video iPod, or ultra-light tablet. All of which Apple has been rumored to be working on. We will all know soon enough, and I'll be there to witness it :)

Update: Ars as usual has some great commentary on this.

Update 2: At WWDC where Steve Jobs just told me how wrong I was. Apple Computers with Intel chips are next year. iPodderX builds on Intel, August and I are about to test it out in the compatibility lab.

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