Someone's Hero

"Forget about Desperate Housewives or Sex in the City.  Her hero's are  Dave Winer, Chris Lydon, Adam Curry, Andrew Grumet, Bram Cohen, Ray Slakinski, Phillip M. Torrone and a handful of others who are a lot smarter than me."

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Update: Ok this story started to sink in now... How the hell did I end up with some of these great people?

Dave Winer: Regardless of our disagreements on multiple enclosures, he has and will continue to do great work for syndication and the internet in general.

Chris Lydon : Great interviews and the first to put audio and RSS enclosures together (as far as I know)

Adam Curry: We are in the same industry - the podcasting industry - and I think we will both make big waves -- but I've never been on MTV, he has.

Andrew Grumet: Fellow podcast client author and friend.

Bram Cohen: Inventor of BitTorrent - The best but very controversial P2P file transfer technology.

Phillip M. Torrone: One of the few hackers I respect and look up to.

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