Yesterday during lunch I went to the sony store to take the PSP for a spin. They had the demo model all setup to show off the screen as it played Spiderman 2, but what I wanted to do was play games while on a flight or something, so the clerk switched out the movie for Wayne Gretzky's Hockey.

~2 minutes later I left the store and the game was still loading... boy was I disappointed, I'd fall asleep well before I got a chance to actually play something. I'm not sure if this is a typical PSP experience but the droves of people finding different things to do with your PSP, I'd have to say the PSP is probably not the ideal gaming device, its just a cool piece of technology that is fun to hack and make it do more useful things with.

I think I'll just get a GBA with a ROM card, I think I'll be happier with that.