Last night chef Rob Feenie stepped into the kitchen stadium to face off against Masaharu Morimoto using the nights special ingredient of "crab". When I heard what the special ingredient was I was sure that Morimoto would take it, but that proved to be untrue! Our fellow Canadian Rob Feenie took out Morimoto with what appeared to be great ease -- which should help the sale of his new cook books and traffic into his restaurants for years to come :)

Update: Good full write up + interview over at the Vancouver Sun.

Update2: Shannon went to bed early when this aired on Sunday, I watched it again with her last night. I noticed that Rob was all business in the first 10-15 minutes of the show, then after Kevin said something about tension, he seemed to relax a lot and become his old self. It was probably that moment when Rob was really able to make those 5 dishes come through and give him the win.