A Canadian Takes Stage In Iron Chef America

Last night chef Rob Feenie stepped into the kitchen stadium to face off against Masaharu Morimoto using the nights special ingredient of "crab". When I heard what the special ingredient was I was sure that Morimoto would take it, but that proved to be untrue! Our fellow Canadian Rob Feenie took out Morimoto with what appeared to be great ease -- which should help the sale of his new cook books and traffic into his restaurants for years to come :)

Update: Good full write up + interview over at the Vancouver Sun.

Update2: Shannon went to bed early when this aired on Sunday, I watched it again with her last night. I noticed that Rob was all business in the first 10-15 minutes of the show, then after Kevin said something about tension, he seemed to relax a lot and become his old self. It was probably that moment when Rob was really able to make those 5 dishes come through and give him the win.