First Post

Way back in Sept 25, 1993 I asked:

Hiya all:

I'm new here.  and just curious about pirate radio stations in the toronto area(thats in canada) I found one once Oooo 2 years ago that played alot of techno stuff, and no voice from the DJ, is there a radio station out there that has a DJ that will talk to its listeners and might play something other that current POP music that you can find on any station around the world?

I never got back a reply that led me to a station I could tune in, but now 12 years later I have podcasting and it is the next best thing :)

Oh and the 'pirate' radio station that I heard and couldn't find again turned out to be Chris Sheppard's Pirate Radio, which aired on Engery108 and was not a pirate radio station at all :(