Worst Day Of The Year

Today is suppose to be the worst day of the year, how bad is/was it for you? I'm a little tired but other than that so far so good :)

LONDON (Reuters) - Be warned. Today is going to be the most depressing day of the year.
By using a complex mathematical formula, psychologist Cliff Arnalls has calculated the misery is about to peak in four days' time.

Fading memories of Christmas, mounting festive debts, foul weather, failed New Year resolutions and the long, dark nights create the perfect mix for gloom, says the Cardiff University expert who specialises in seasonal disorders.

Update: Its just after 10AM and its already getting worse... I lost my address book, I only have names -- no phone numbers or addresses, and I didn't have a backup yet. I also forgot my power-brick for my laptop at home, at the moment I only have 17 minutes left before the iBook becomes a useless hunk of plastic and silicon.