An MS iPod Killer In Under Five Months?

Scoble, our favorite Microsoft blogger is asking Uncle Bill for an MS iPod killer, and wants it before August 1st.

We have five months to come out with a great new set of music players and get a great marketing campaign going. Why is that? It's called back to school. If we don't get something going by June then we lose another generation to the iPod. Do you want to let that happen?

Last I checked it takes longer than 5 months to QA hardware products, let alone design one from scratch and get it to market! I think Microsoft is smarter than that, and they are going to play the same game they did with Palm a few years ago; refine the Portable Media Center over and over until people really love it and find it more useful than the Palm stuff, also while working with the hardware manufactures to get the design down pat. Patience is Microsoft's best played game not the rushed plan Scoble as set forth.