The Leo Report

What a week, what a week! I've kept this under my hat for a while mainly because I didn't think it would actually happen. On Thursday I went to tape a segment for Call For Help on Podcasting. On set I met some great people that made the whole experience easy and less stressful -- I was a little stressed as this was my first ever appearance on TV. I also go the pleasure to meet Andy, do a quick lead in piece with Amber. Then the main event, I sat down with Leo Leporte and discussed all things podcasting and got to show off the new interface of iPodderX since it will be out by the time the episode airs.

Shannon, Leo and myself then went out for dinner at Julia's Ristorante in downtown Oakville. We figured that Leo has had dinner at all the hot spots in downtown Toronto, so we felt that a little slice of Oakville was just what he needed. We had a relaxing time, talked about TechTV, Podcasting, Work, and life in general... good fun! Something I have to tell you all about Leo, he is as appears on TV and Radio he's just a nice guy, go figure!

Update: The show will air at the following times on G4TechTV Canada:

Thursday, November 11th at 6pm, 9pm and 12am eastern
Friday, November 12th at 9am, 1pm eastern

If any one can make an MPEG of the show for me that would be very kind!