The Crossfire Saga (pt2)

Washington Post has an article about Jon Stewart's name being mentioned in todays episode of Crossfire on CNN. Near the end of the show she mentions that they read a few emails in support of the show, one of them is as follows:

At the end of "Crossfire," Robert Novak on the right and James Carville on the left said they'd received loads of comments from viewers about the Friday telecast. They read two of the messages.

The first, from Toronto, said Stewart's appearance confirmed his suspicions: "Jon Stewart is the most overrated, overhyped comedian in the world today."

Who is this nameless fool from Toronto? If s/he thinks that CNN is doing there job then they are sorely mistaken... And was the best email they could come up with was one that didn't even originate in their own country? I feel for America when now the two top stories is Cheney's daughters sexual orientation and what Jon Stewart said on CNN -- isn't the election in 2 weeks? CNN, please help the people make an informed opinion when the vote... I think that was the gist of what Jon was pleading with you to do.