The Debate Last Night

Shannon and I sat down to watch the debate last night, we planned on maybe watching 20-30 minutes of it to get a gist of what was going on and what they had to say but we ended up watching the whole thing because it was just too darn funny.

Kerry stuck to his guns and explained his "flip-flop" on his opinions on the war in Iraq; stating that he is able to learn from his mistakes by taking in the new information, something of which Bush is unable to do. Bush reminded me of a stubborn old man who just doesn't want to give in based on principal alone -- or he just doesn't care.

I'm a little sad, but not surprised that Canada was not mentioned during the 'Foreign Policy' debate... Canada has never seen such bad relations with the US before. Our cattle farmers are hurting bad due to restrictions places on us for our one case of Mad Cow (from a cow that came to us via the United States), bulling regarding joining the missile defense program, and our decision to stay out of the war in Iraq and maintain efforts in Afghanistan.

We will watch the next 2 debates I'm sure, if for nothing else than a good laugh.