Scoble Grasping At Straws

In great efforts to help Microsoft sell more tablet computers Scoble says:

Personally, why get this when you can actually get a Tablet PC that you can take off your desk and walk around with? For instance, the Averatec Tablet PC is about $50 more than the new iMac, but is a whole lot more useful.

Particularly in schools where you need students to actually take notes with a pen rather than with just a keyboard.

How is a Tablet PC more useful than the G5 iMac? the Averatec has a low powered AMD 2200 processor which pales in comparison to the 64bit G5, no DVD authoring capabilities, iLife like tools are missing as well (nothing out there for the PC is iLife like), no Firewire, low-end graphics card, small screen (12"), and 60GB ATA HDD -- the iMac has a much faster 80GB SATA drive.

Mind you this is a poor comparison, the iMac is a desktop grade PC, where the Averatec tablet pc is just that a tablet, which uses slower laptop components to help conserve battery life and space constraints.

Lastly, pen based computing is for those who can't type. And I'm willing to bet more and more kids know how to touch type, and can type faster than they can write with a pen, I know I can. I think thats the #1 reason why tablets have never interested me, niche market computer for those that can't type. Besides holding 5.5lbs tablet PC while writing down some notes doesn't sound like fun, having the screen propped up to a perfect viewing angle does.

Shame on you Scoble for your feeble attempt to draw attention from the new G5 iMac... if you picked on the iBook or any other notebook then you might have had some ground to stand on.