Fuzzy Logic

A couple of weeks ago Shannon and I lost our HP 4MP digital camera. Since we had a second wedding to go to(last Friday) we went out and got a new one. We ended up getting a 3.2MP Nikon 3700. Out door pictures were solid, but we had some major issues with focusing in indoor environments (semi-low light). The picture shown to the left is a prime example of how the camera could just not focus at all, even though the camera said the subject (Shannon's father) was in focus. We brought out 2 other cameras, one 2.1 and a 5MP SLR camera (both Olympus) to test if it was just the camera or we had too high of hopes for the cameras capabilities. Both cameras took the same picture flawlessly. I'm not sure if I should blame the Nikon in general for the lack of focus or just that camera, but the short of it is that we are about to pick up the Canon S410 ELPH (4MP) and give that a whirl instead. It appears highly rated on epinions, Amazon, DPReview, and general searches of Google Groups.

Update: The ELPH is great! I highly recommend it. Here is a sample image that we took while out at the park: