Working Hard Or...

Sorry I haven't been around much, I've been working a lot on programming projects, mainly doing a lot of automation tools for work which is all being done in my favorite programming/scripting language of Python. I'm amazed each time I try to do something in it, and it turns out there is a module for exactly what I want to do, and its easy to implement.

I've been reading up on STAF and winGuiAuto to see how it can further my automated testing efforts.

I learned a lot while coding Nucleus, and a lot of the methods I've learned has moved into the above work... Speaking of Nucleus, I am indeed still working on it, I'm working with PyObjC to make a OS X Cocoa version of the program. Before that comes out I may have version that takes a parameter to specify the config file to use. Or I may just re-write the whole thing now that I know what I'm doing that much more (I can never claim I know fully what I'm doing :))

Adam Curry has been working hard on an XML-RPC server for RSS Bittorrent enclosure feeds, his work is coming along nicely, so if your interested in getting more downloadable content, I would check out his Bittorrent RSS feed. Rumor has it that part of Nucleus has wiggled its way into the download mechanism of Adam's new program, which is great to hear - I'm sure its been heavily modified though. If you need a hand Adam, I'm more than willing to help.