In a war to be the most moral governing body of the airwaves, the CRTC has decided to ban a Quebec radio station outright.

"It is only the sixth time since its creation that the CRTC has not renewed a licence. But until now no station had been banned solely for airing crude comments." -- Globe and Mail

This causes great issues for radio stations across Canada, if they can not say what they want to say and feel censored every step of the way how can we have a good debate or talk about hot topics that may offend?

The radio station was taken down by a few complains (~100 overall) while they maintained listenership as the top radio station of over 300,000 listeners. I wonder if those 100 people thought that their complaint would take down the entire station, and not just the radio personalities that offended them. I wonder if those people would take back there letter now that the entire station is gone?

If those comments said were really that offensive then take them up on civil or criminal charges. This should not be the CRTCs realm if you ask me... actually if you ask me I think the CRTC is out-dated and should be disbanded... am I alone on this one?

For more details please read the Globe and Mail article.

Also check out the Propriety episode (Act One) of This American Life where they talk to the FCC about this sort of thing.