Ontario VS Canada -- Election 2004

One of the reasons Ontario voted Liberal in the provincial elections was to make a better working relationship between our provincial government and the federal government.

As we watch the federal candidates campaign for our votes, something became painfully clear. Paul Martin doesn't like the Ontario Liberal Party. Not because I think they disagree with McGuinty's tax hikes, but more for the timing of them. The timing as severely hurt Martin's chances of getting elected as it seems the election may be decided right here in Ontario. If the Ontario budget was pushed off until after the federal election I think we would have not seen the distancing between the provincial and federal liberals.

I personally don't think that the bridge between the two parties will be fully mended after the election, and especially not if Martin looses. So if you thought that having both provincial and federal parties the same was a good thing, think again.

Speaking about McGuinty's tax hikes there is going to be [finally] a protest calling for a referendum on the tax hikes, which will happen on June 9th -- If anyone has a website or news article about this please let me know so I can link to it.