Call For Help -- The End

This will be my last post about Call For Help (CfH). CfH will stop airing on TechTV/G4 this friday (show already in the can) We can safely say that G4 has taken hold of TechTV and raped it. But sadly thats what corporate buyouts are all about, take what you want (distribution) and get rid of all the rest (what made the station great -- the people)

Leo has already said his good-byes and has left the building.

The jury is still out if I will continue to watch TechTV/G4, Shannon already doesn't like a lot of the new programming, finding it awfully boring to watch other people play games.

I'm sure CfH is just one of many shows to take the big TV dirt nap, but it sounds like The Screen Savers will survive even for just a little while longer.