At The Hospital

I'm at the hospital(Credit Valley), my Grandmother is in the Emergency room currently and we are awaiting word from the specialist who is with her now. If she does not improve in the next 15-20 minutes she will be moved up to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit).

Its kind of touch-and-go for the moment, but we all hope for the best.

Currently they are only allowing my Mom to be with her, so I'm out in the lobby (no WiFi) just waiting word on what to do next. I feel kind of useless at the moment, just waiting here... worried -- writing is helping though.

You know what is funny though? in the past 10-15 minutes that I have been writing this, two people have said "nice laptop" with a big smile, makes me think of William Gibson's Pattern Recognition where one of the characters goes to clubs and talks products up... the more I sit her the more product recognition Apple gets... OK now I'm rambling so I should probably stop here, get a Chai Latte from second cup and listen to either some music or an audio book.

Next update when I can.