Where Did Leo Go?

Leo of LeoTV [TechTV] has some people called it, has left the building. It was last week when my wife asked where Leo was, I replied "He must be on vacation again"

I assumed this because my RSS feed reader showed nothing of his departure, and I subscribe to his blog. I noticed today, that feed stopped working. After a quick visit to his blog, I found this:

After nearly ten years, four owners, well over 2000 live TV shows, lots of laughs, a few tears, and meeting many many wonderful people, my time at TechTV has come to an end.
The entry, describes the reasons, if you care I would check it out!

In related news, Chris Pirillo returns - even if its for a short time - back to Call For Help. So I guess this makes it a good news/bad news day?

Personally I felt that Leo was on TechTV way too much, but I think TechTV has gone to the other extreme on this one. Maybe G4 can work this all out.