I'm A Second Class Citizen

simplegeek has an posting regarding how QA is often considered a second class citizen inthe whole dev process. The world for some reason doesn't consider the art of testing a long-term career.

"It's a challenge to try and figure out why QA is sometimes seen as a second class citizen"
I do QA for Genesys, a conferencing company and for the most part find the job both fun and enjoying -- I like to break software.

simplegeek's posting directs me to what could become a valuable resource in my field... Software Test Engineering @ Microsoft done by Greg Chappell.

A great tester can place themselves into the shoes of any Joe User, in any city, and in any country. If our software has ten million and one users, then it’s Test’s role to champion for each one. When we encounter an issue that we feel passionate about, we’re sending emails and IMs, knocking on doors, logging bugs, and occasionally buying Krispy Kremes until our issues resolved!
Its good to see good QA related blogs popping out, and I have to commend Microsoft for really advocating the use of blogs within its company.