File-sharing Opens Pandora's Box

File-sharing opens Pandora's box... or does it? An article by David Akin (Globe and Mail) things that the new court ruling is a bad thing. But he doesn't get it... most people don't! Why do people 'pirate' movies/music/ and TV? For a geek, its quite simple to understand, and geek Matt Goyer explains it quite well. The funny thing is, the David Akin article contains a more or less an interview with Goyer, but he manages to take what he needs from the interview to make it seem what Matt is doing is wrong. Personally I do not.

I use BitTorrent to download fansub anime, mainly because I can't get it here and I really like to watch it whenever I can. I also downloaded Carnivale because I missed a few episodes and with shows like that, if you miss one you might as well give up -- enter BitTorrent.