Score 1 for the little guy

Our court system sided on our side for once. P2P is not illegal!

"The judge says that keeping a file in a p2p system is no different than installing a photocopy machine in a library." --Chris Hoofnagle, Assoc. Director of EPIC
PDF of the decision can be found here. I first heard about the ruling on BoingBoing and Jason's blog

I don't think the CRIA or RIAA have much to complain about, we Canadians pay a levy on all recordable audio media (Tapes, CD's, MP3 players) to offset the costs of music theft. That doesn't give us license to steal music but you get the picture.

Wow an entire entry about the CRIAA and I didn't even mention iTunes Music Store not in available in Canada yet! --- erg, oops I guess I spoke too soon ^^;