Watson's Log

Hello, My name is Watson! [Formally known as 'Bud']

I'm so excited to be here!  Gosh, it was close!  This nice lady came to the shelter where I was and felt so sorry for me cause they said I was "next" and she took me home with her.  I got to go to the doctor and then she called the American Brittany Rescue!  I think that she must have been my guardian angel.

I then took a long car trip to go to live with my foster family where I got to learn new things everyday.  My foster Mom said that no one will ever hurt me again so have started to come out of my shell more and more everyday!

There are so many things to do!  I LOVE SQUEAKY TOYS!  I love to play with squeaky toys, catch squeaky toys, bury squeaky toys, and sleep with squeaky toys.  While treats are nice I would rather have a squeaky toy. I have so much energy and love sometimes I'm not sure where to put it all. 

My foster Mom kept taking me to new places so I learned not to be scared, I'm quite brave now; I'll run up to just about anyone as long as they have a smile on their face.

But while I was at my fosters home, all I could wish for was a forever family of my own. And my wish came true! Shannon(Mom), Ray(Dad) and Tanner(Brother) drove all the way down to Ohio where I was to come pick me up and take me to their home. It was a long drive, but they gave me my blanky so I felt comfortable.

Tanner is great, he likes to play even more than I do, which before now I thought was impossible. I just wish he would stop taking my toys, until he does I'll just take his.

I think I'll be very happy here!
YEPPIE!! I here my Mom calling me for dinner... gotta go! Bye!