I am so excited because on Sunday I finished my first ever 5K race in Toronto! In January I was looking for something to do this year that would be challenging so I decided to choose running. Having grown up with bad knees and flat feet I always avoided running. I used to skip school when I found out that I had to run around the field or on track and field days. I just never thought that I could do it. This year I put my mind to it and joined the Running Room at Sheridan Mall in Mississauga.

Every Saturday morning this winter I went out running with an amazing group of women. It was so much fun and it was very supportive since we all weren't sure if we could actually do it when we started out. Well, on Sunday we ran in the the 5th Annual Achilles Track Club St. Patrick's day 5K race and completed!! I can't describe how exciting it was for me. And now I am starting to understand why runners are so addicted to the sport. Here are some pictures of race day.