File Sharing on a Mac

File sharing on the Mac platform is not easy, everything else is easy except for this. At work we needed to share a DVD and our trusty G4 was just sitting there with its DVD drive sitting empty and unused so we put it into the drive and went to share the drive. Of all my time on OSX, I have never needed to share another volume beyond ~/Public which is shared by default; so when it came time to share the DVD drive, I was mistaken in thinking that I could just right-click on the drive and choose share.

There is no share option, for either Apple file sharing nor Windows file sharing (both were active) Our main purpose was to share to a PC, so in order to share the drive I found out, we had to edit the Samba config file and restart Samba. With all due respect, I should be able to share any drive/folder I wish with a couple of clicks without having to download 3rd party applications or dropping down to the terminal to find and edit the config file, don't you agree? Lets hope that 10.4 fixes this ease of use issue.