Drama at Disney continues

Eisner has been told to pack his bags and take a hike, at least from the Disney board. He remains as CEO of Disney, but you have to suspect that wont be for long.

After 43% of shareholders chose not to vote for his re-election to the board at the annual meeting here on Wednesday, the Disney board announced it was splitting the chairman and CEO posts Eisner has held since 1984
and over at "As the Apple Turns" they report this juicy bit of info!
Meanwhile, the evidence of Jobs's role in an anti-Eisner conspiracy continues to mount. Faithful viewer wavdancr noted that, on the eve of the big vote, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Roy Disney had stated that if Eisner steps down, "Pixar Animation Studios could have a new deal with Disney 'in a matter of weeks.'" (Ladies and gentlemen: in tonight's performance, the role of "Carrot on a Stick" will be played by Pixar. Thank you.) And folks in the "Jobs as CEO" camp are no doubt smiling knowingly at the comments of "veteran entertainment industry headhunter" Brad Marks: "Steve Jobs has already proven that it doesn't seem to matter what industry he's running a company in: He's been very effective in every regard. He could fit in very well."
How do you like 'dem apples? (pun intended)