How Technorati Works

A couple of days ago I was confused by how Technorati actually worked, in other words how did it store information, as I was seeing some descrepencies. Here is my EMail:

I'm confused of how this all works. I posted a story 'The Divine Proportion' but as I searched through the amazon products page that you recently created under 'The DaVinci Code' I never turned up.

When Technorati spiders ones site, does it not see archives? Only the main page and the entry that actually pinged the server?

Reason I ask is that I am unsure of my expectations for where my blog sits in the cosmos.

Kevin replied:

Technorati only shows 'current' links - those that are still on the main blog page (ie the one that pings us).
Hope this clears things up for people as much as it did me.