Linksys WPC11 V4 Notebook Adapter and Cisco VPN

So I finally got my wireless carding working on my laptop. I bought a Linksys wireless router and notebook adapter months ago for a really great price at Futureshop....well sort was a great mail-in rebate but of course I lost the receipt and the box during the move so I never got the money back. Not only was I really disappointed that I didn't get my money back but I couldn't get the wireless card to work properly with my Cisco VPN client for work. I seemed to be able to connect to the VPN but I couldn't access anything on my work network at all. I eventually ended up uninstalling the drivers and was going to look for some upgraded drivers but got lazy and never did. Finally yesterday I made another attempt at it. This time when I installed the drivers I couldn't connect to the VPN at all as it was not able to make a secure channel. I did a bit of research and it didn't take me long to find out that the drivers for the wireless card are incompatible with the Cisco VPN client and that I needed to download the beta version of the drivers. I think that the drivers have been in beta since June of last doesn't seem that Linksys is all that motivated to fix the problem. If you are looking for the beta version you can download it here .