Orkut - Part 2

I'm now a member of Orkut, Google's new Social Networking Service. It didn't take too long to snake my way in, and I'm more than happy for the invite.

As I poked around the system I didn't see anything new or ground breaking in the service, but I did like the UI, sub-services and forums. I think that Orkut will take over my usenet feeds in short time, as there is no spam on Orkut and the general populace is smarter and less troll like -- at least for now.

While on the topic of trolls, I think it may be too easy to get in (now that I'm in, I can say this) as the system grows it should get to a point where 3 people need to invite a person before they can actually get in... or something like that.

Anyways, if your on Orkut, drop me a note and say hi. If you want in, ask nice, and buy me something -- bribes always work.